My name is Brandon.

I am a Javascript engineer. I build web and mobile applications from the ground up using technologies such as: AngularJS, React.js, and Node.js. My guitar teacher used to say: "This is my niche, right here. I love playing guitar, I'm not working when I'm playing guitar, and I've never had more fun playing than right now." I have found my niche in software development. It's not work to me, it's something I love doing, and something I choose to do in my spare time. I consider myself one of the lucky few who are employed doing something that they genuinely love and enjoy. I echo the words of my guitar teacher that I've never had more fun coding than I am having right now.

I've got a strong frontend background. I have a working knowledge of several frontend Javascript tools including: React.js, Angular, and Vue.js. I work hard to stay up-to-date with latest trends in the Javascript community, and I enjoy learning new technologies. I understand and have a working knowledge of the complex React.js ecosystem, including tools like: Webpack, ES2015+, Babel, NPM, Redux, and React Router. I am well-versed on the command-line and am skilled with Git. I have experience using all of the CSS-preprocessors: Sass, Less, and Stylus. I also have experience using UI frameworks like Bootstrap and Angular Material. I am highly skilled with standard Javascript, HTML, and CSS. Additionally, I have a working knowledge of creating build-processes using tools like Gulp and Webpack. In short, I got skills bro.

My backend skills are strong as well. I have a solid working knowledge of Node.js using the Express.js framework. I know MongoDB, and have experience using its standard query language as well as using Mongoose.js as an interface for accessing collections and building models. I also have a working knowledge of writing Node in other Javascript flavors like CoffeeScript and TypeScript. I am well-versed with NPM and have a working knowledge of many of its popular packages and libraries. I have experience setting up authentication and session-management to insure data security, as well as building robust API's that adhere to REST standards. In addition to Node.js I am also interested in learning other server-side languages like Ruby, Python, or Go should opportunity present itself. I'm always excited to learn new technologies.


Software Engineer (Dec 2016 - Current)
Integrate Inc. [Scottsdale, AZ]

At Integrate I am a software engineer on the frontend team. Integrate has a B2B marketing platform that helps marketers to organize and validate their leads, and then plug them directly into their automated marketing tools. I build UI using AngularJS, and create microservices using Node.js.

Front End Developer (Aug 2016 - Dec 2016)
Endurance International Group [Tempe, AZ]

At Endurance I was a front end developer on the iPage team. iPage is a platform that allows small/medium sized businesses to get a domain, build a website for their business, and to do it all themselves through the intuitive iPage application. I wrote primarily Javascript, using React.js to build rich UI.

Software Engineer (Apr 2015 - Aug 2016)
The REDX [Orem, UT]

At REDX I was a full-stack developer on the Vortex team. Vortex is a platform that allows real-estate agents to prospect home listings and organize their workflow to be more efficient. I wrote AngularJS on the frontend, and Node.js on the backend.

Operations Manager (Dec 2011 - Dec 2014)
Cutters Document Destruction [Mesa, AZ]

At Cutters I got to a little bit of everything. I billed customers using QuickBooks, managed Google AdWords campaigns, pitched our business to potential customers, coordinated weekly truck routes, and operated the shredding trucks.

In college I studied mostly geology and math. I also did an internship at ASU/NASA Space Grant, researching "shocked" meteorites and contributing to a presentation given at the Lunar and Planetary Science Conference. I loved my college experience, but after graduating from ASU I ultimately found that my degree was of little help in finding a career. I had been slowly teaching myself web development ever since my job at Apple, so when a friend told me about DevMountain it was a perfect fit. My family and I sold our house in Arizona, packed up our life, and moved up to Utah so I could attend DevMountain. My experience there was awesome, 12 weeks of super intense full stack Javascript was the perfect jump-start into a software career.


I have a lot of projects on my Github account. The greater part of them are repositories that I have created to learn new technologies, but there are a handful of full-stack projects on there. Contact me if you are looking for something specific and I'll send you some code.

An app for a fire protection business in Arizona. Apart from being mobile-friendly, this app will allow a field-technician to log-in and fill out their paperwork from their smartphone. Once that is completed, the customer will be able to log-in and view all their reports in a nice GUI.

About Me

When I'm not coding, I love spending time with my wife and 3 sons. Nothing brings me greater hapiness and satisfaction than sharing in their triumphs. I am totally stoked on my family. Some of my other persuits besides coding are skateboarding, guitar, and mountaineering.


Get in touch! I'm always open to discuss work, side-projects, startups, etc. Let's build something cool.